About us

Scamnetic was founded in 2023 by experienced cyber safety veterans to focus on the rapidly growing and increasingly costly incidences of cyber scams.

Scamnetic is led by a management team with long-established sales relationships, and a proprietary, data-driven approach to addressing this $4 billion market opportunity.  Scam victim rates are climbing every year and the passage of increasingly pro-consumer regulations has created the perfect storm as the needs of consumers coincide with that of the organizations that serve them. Our objective is to establish Scamnetic as the name brand of scam prevention.  Victim losses to scams increase by 50% or more every year, according to the FTC – with scammers stealing billions of dollars from consumers of all age groups and income levels.  Scamnetic’s focus is to put technology in the hands of consumers for delivering true peace-of-mind.  Scamnetic’s solution provides a new, exciting, and undeniably needed consumer solution that is designed to be delivered through a variety of channels including directly from Scamnetic, or from another trusted service provider.

Most importantly, it’s a solution that works – protecting consumers from the scams of today and tomorrow.  Scamnetic’s patent-pending technology can detect scam attempts by email, phone, social media, and text message, with a high-degree of automation and an approach to user engagement that will make the solution a trusted, everyday touchpoint for customers.  Further still, additional features will allow Scamnetic users to transact confidently with any person, anywhere – making marketplace scams, investment scams, and even romance scams a thing of the past.